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Energy Savings with EnergyNext

Through the combined purchasing power of dozens of New York Chambers of Commerce and thousands of their members, the Fulton Montgomery Regional Chamber of Commerce is able to offer discounted electrical and natural gas to its members.

There is no gamble!  The gas is guaranteed in your pipes and when you flip a switch, the lights will always go on.

The savings are realized on a combination of commodity, transportation and sales tax discounts.

We have retained a consultant, who does not represent a supplier, to recommend actions for this process.  This consultant, EnergyNext of Saratoga Springs, a fellow Chamber member, and its Energy Alliance program, examines the markets on a daily basis to determine the timing of the best deals.

This program frees you up from worrying about utility costs and puts an expert on pricing on your staff at no charge to you.  You make the final decision, but EnergyNext does all the research at no charge.

EnergyNext, when appropriate, will come back to you with a price comparison.  That is when you make your energy decisions.

To join this purchasing pool, simply fill out the form included here, enter your gas and electric account numbers, and sign the form.  You are merely giving EnergyNext permission to secure information about your electric and gas usage over the last year.  The information will only be used for this program, and will not be shared with anyone.  Again, you are not committing to anything.

Once the price is right, EnergyNext will contact you for a decision.

Please fax the form to EnergyNext at (518) 580-9243 or call them at (518) 580-9244 should you have any questions or need further information.  You can always contact your Chamber for more information at (518) 725-0641 or via email at

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